The Baganda

The Baganda rare the largest single ethnic group in Uganda. They occupy the central part of Uganda which was formerly called the Buganda province. The Baganda can therefore be found in the present districts of Kampala, Mpigi, Mukono, Masaka, Kalangala, Kiboga, Rakai and Mubende. They are a Bantu –speaking people and their language is called Luganda.


There are abundant traditions about the origins of Baganda. However, most of these traditions contrast very sharply. One tradition asserts that the Baganda are descendants of Kintu. A piece of the same tradition claims that Kintu came fro, heaven while another piece asserts that he came from the east, from the direction of Mt. Elgon and passed through Busoga on his way to Buganda. Another tradition asserts that the Baganda are the descendants of a people who came from the east or the northeast round about A.D. 1300. These people were either Hamites from Ethiopia or Luo from Sudan. Sir Apollo Kaggwa’s version says that the first Muganda was Kintu and that Kintu came from heaven and landed at Podi, Kintu is said to have moved on to Kibiro and with his companions finally reached Kyadondo and founded the Kingdom of Buganda.One could possibly gather that the Baganda came to occupy Buganda from two main directions; one from the east by way of Busoga and another from the west by way of Bunyoro. The best that can be said is that being Bantu speaking, the Baganda originated from central Africa where all the Bantu are said to have originated.